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Janet J

Reviews for Liquid Moment Auto Detailing

Very happy with the results. Awesome job.

Average Rating

I purchased a used vehicle some time ago maybe 8 months ago. It was clean inside but had spots and stains in the carpets and upholstery here and there. When I spilled a mocha one morning I decided to have my car detailed. My neighbor told me about Liquid Moment Auto Detailing and what a great job they did on their truck so I called and made my appointment. When I saw my car later that day I was...

Posted by Janet J on April 25, 2015. Brought to you by CustomerLobby

Robert G

Highly Recommend

I had my Mercury Sable detailed by Liquid Moment Auto Detailing. My car had really bad smells inside it, stains in the carpets and seats. The outside paint was dull and scratched. My door jams were really dirty oily. I just purchased this car which had sat for about a year before I got it. I heard about Liqud Moment Auto Detailing from another friend that had their truck detailed by this company. They told me about the awesome detail they did on thier truck, so I called them, set up my appointment for the next day. I must say I had my doubts that this car could look anywhere near new again and wondered if I should really spend money on trying to make this old car look good again. That afternoon I went to pick up my car and I was so AMAZED at the results. My old Mercury Sable looked like new again, inside and out. My dirty carpets and seats are clean and spotless now. All the bad oders are gone and it smells like new inside. My paint is now shiny and all the scratches are gone. My door jams are like new. I am Wowed by the results and I highly recommend Liquid Moment Auto Detailng. Costomer Service was great and it was just an all around great experience. They transformed a car I was imbarrassed to dirve into a car I am proud to be driving.

posted: July 5, 2015 by customer


Darrell T


The best auto detail I ever had anywhere. I have been to a lot of the other auto detailing companies here in Anchorage over the years and I must say this company beats them all by far. Meticulous attention to every detail of my truck. Thoroughly cleaned, conditioned both my carpets and upholstery, all the inside surfaces cleaned and conditioned, all my rubber and vinyl look new again. My door jams clean and waxed. All the compartments cleaned. Glass spotless inside and out. The headliner was also cleaned and like new. And on my exterior paint they power-washed the entire body, wheel wells, tires rims and all the visible under-carriage. Then they removed all the tar and road grim from the body and buffed out all the light scratches on my truck body, then hand waxed it to an amazing shine. I didn't think that my truck would ever shine like this again, but I was mistaken. Also, they cleaned my engine and engine compartment. Tires and rims were power-washed, cleaned and dressed. Nothing was missed. Their Customer Service was excellent. I was very happy with my detail at Liquid Moment Auto Detailing.

Posted from Google+ page. July 7, 2015: url:

Susan Adams Susan Adams
in the last week
I made an appointment with Liquid Moment Detailing, of week in advance, at 11am on a Sat. They showed up exactly on time and began right to work detailing my car. My car was really dirty, with stains and pet hair inside, and dirty outside, road grim, tar, and tree sap. I generally wash my car at car washes, but even the Ultimate Wash at car washes, would not get that stuff off. Liquid Moment Detailing did indeed. They power washed the exterior, cleaned the engine, fender and wheel wells, tires everything. Then they removed the tar, road grim, tree sap, in a two step process, using a cleaner, then what they called Clay Bar Treatment, then Waxed it. And WOW, it looks better that the day a purchased the vehicle. Inside I got the deep carpet/ upholstery extraction shampoo. All the vinyl surfaces cleaned and dressed, door jambs cleaned dressed, they even cleaned and conditioned the rubber seals on my doors. All compartments cleaned, headliner cleaned. All the pet hair and stains were completely GONE. I was IMPRESSED with the job Liquid Moment Detailing did. Very comprehensive, meticulous job. Best Auto Detail i have ever gotten. Definitely remommend these guys. 5 Stars in my book I also got the Senior Discount which is %15 off the regular full price. I tipped both workers well. Six days later I sold that car for more than book value. Very happy. Thank you Liquid Moment Detailing
  ............Posted by customer on Liquid Moment Detailing Google + page July 4th 2016  



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